Religion in Mongolia

We were very excited to talk about this topic, that is religion in Mongolia, because of the long and rich history of it and the many twists and turns along the way. We'll waste no more time on the introduction and go straight to discussing the two most prominent religions in the history of Mongolia.
We had...

The Beginning of the Mongolian Empire

In this article, we'll tell you more about the Mongols and before Genghis Khan, and of course, we'll detail his impressive rise to power and the inner workings of his massive empire.
Before the Empire
The history of Mongolia did not start with the birth of Genghis; in fact, it stretches back for at least a millennium. The...

Discussing the Geography of Mongolia

There are a lot of misconceptions online regarding the Mongolian landscape, so we decided that a Mongolia-centred blog ought to settle the matter the best way possible – by providing facts in a comprehensive and interesting manner. Learn about the Mongolian steppes, deserts and everything in-between on this page.
The nature of Mongolia is much more diverse...

Welcome to Our Blog Dedicated to Mongolia

We wish to extend our warmest welcome to our readers who must be as much fascinated and curious about Mongolia as we are. We are certainly very excited to finally present you with our blog after many hours of research and writing. We hope our blog meets your expectations and that you find it informative, as well as interesting and...