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Popular / slang words

In Cyrillic script  roman transcription English translation
zgvgy dt$ yasan be? what's up?
hkkh khookh wow
hffh khuukh wow
'ffh pookh wow
zypmga yanztai nice



In Cyrillic script  roman transcription English translation
uemgl gutal boots
kabv oims socks
fb; omd (umd) pants
dkunyk fb; bogino omd (bogen umd) underpants
kjkklm oroolt scarf
hojtb khurem jacket
'k;.gl[n podvalki (podvalk) t-shirt
'oop puuz (puudz) sneakers (sport shoes)


Flora and fauna

In Cyrillic script  roman transcription English translation
ie.ee(y) shuvuu(n) bird, fowl
hgyugj,; khangard Garuda, King of Birds
bk; mod tree, woods, forest



In Cyrillic script  roman transcription English translation
ifl(y) shol(n) soup
heeieej khuushuur fried mutton pancakes
de;gg budaa rice



In Cyrillic script  roman transcription English translation
gyguggh ehggy anagaakh ukhaan medicine
bgyhgu mankhag medicine bag



In Cyrillic script  roman transcription English translation
iginy shashin religion
lgbsy iginy lamin shashin (the) Lamaist religion
Hjnvmkvsy iginy Khristosin shashin (the) Christian religion
iginy iomtux shashin shutegch (a) religious believer
iomltumty shutlegten (a) religious believer
lglsy iginy iomtux lal(i)n shashin shutegts (a) believer of Islam
lglsy bfjuflmfy lalin murgultun (a) believer of Islam
dn iginyuoa hoy bi shashingui kh�n I am an athe�st
dgui bagsh [bagshi] teacher
hojtt(y) khuree(n) monastery
hna; khiid monastery
lgb lam lama, monk
hgj lgb khar lam Christian priest (black lama)
hgyugj,; khangard Garuda, King of Birds
hgbugglgux dggmgj khamgaalagch baatar protecting deity (protector hero)
dejhgy burkhan the Buddha, an image of the Buddha, God
dejhgy dgui burkhan Gautama Buddha
vghnev sakhius talisman, amulet, protecting spirit, god
hemgum khutagt saint
hg;gu khadag a scarf, in Mongolia often blue, which is used in religious ceremonies and when gift are given
dezy buyan religious or moral merit


List of verbs

Infinitive stem present future transcription (infinitive) English
grnllgh grnl grnllgz adjil work
vejgh vej vej]g surakh study (at a university)


Similar words

In Cyrillic script  roman transcription English translation
hggy khaan king (like Chinggis Khaan - also known as Djengis Khan)
hgyg khana wall
hggyg khaana where
Hgygy ;ttj hggyg hggy dgayg .t$ khanan deer khaana khaan baina ve? Where on the wall is the king?
vob s�m temple
veb sum [som] unit of administration
ool ��l cloud
eel uul [ool] mountain





Possession is indicated with the suffix -ys

So it is:

In Cyrillic script  roman transcription English translation
vgjys utjtl sarni gerel moonlight (the moons light)
ygjys utjtl narni gerel sunlight (the suns light)
lggys utjtl laani gerel candlelight (the candles light)
mgys tani your (polite form)
mgys wgu tani tsag your watch
tyt mgys wgu ee$ ene tani tsag uu? is this your watch?



Note on pronunciation

Please be aware that the roman transcription that I have presented here, is not a pronunciation key. It is just the most common transcription. For a better idea of the pronunciation, please see Language Tutorial. Here are some additional pronunciation keys:  

h {kh} = the `h� in have , the Spanish `j� in hijo (the Dutch `g� in gaan) or somewhere in between

ga {ai} = the `ai� in pain

a y {n} at the end of a word is pronounced as a  `ng�. If a word ends with -yg it is pronounced as `-n�


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