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Muurand togloom, hulgand ukhel.

{What is a joke for a cat will be death for a mouse}
(Mongolian proverb)


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Welcome to this introduction to Mongolian language. For an overview of the Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet please see the Language Tutorial. Here you will also find a good tutorial that may be additional to the one presented below. Furthermore I can suggest Lonely planet's language kit or, if you are more serious, Routledge Colloquial Mongolian, although not really suitable for fast learning. These days there are many self learning books for sale in bookshops in Ulaanbaatar, of mediocre to good quality. An extensive guide on grammar is simply called MongolianGrammar and written by Rita Kullmann with D. Tserenpil, and is available online. Also see the new Lingua Mongolia site. For more info please see the Open Directory Project.
To be able to read the Mongolian Cyrillic script you will have to download the Mongolian font



Modern Mongolian as we know it was officially established in 1924 on basis of the Khalkha dialect, when it became the National language. The traditional script of Mongolian, also revered to as Uighur script, oritinate of Sogdian letters of Aramaic origin.


"The Uighur script is cursive, therefore it is possible that each letter has as many as 3 different shapes depending on whether the letter appears in an initial, medial, or final position." More on the traditional script


In 1940 a special version of the Cyrillic script developed, and later introduced in Mongolia together with a complete spelling revision. The newly developed script introduced a few new letters to the original Cyrillic. After the political developments in 1990 it was expected that the democratic revolution would trigger the revival of the old script, but apart from some offical uses and the education system it plays no significant role. However in Inner Mongolia, China, it is still the offical script. In the country Mongolia, there is again a reform planned including the possible ommiting of a few letters to better adapt to the Latin script that dominates modern technology and international communication.





Lists of words:



Common words and sentences

In Cyrillic script  roman transcription English translation
pg za [dza] ok
mnab tiim yes
ouoa ugui no
/e yuu what
dn bi I
xn tsi you (informal)
dn bkyukl htl bt;thuea bi mongol khel medekhguy I don't speak Mongolian (I Mongolian language not know)
/buoa youmgui nothing
dn kalukhuoa dgayg bi oilgokhgui baina I don�t understand



In Cyrillic script  roman transcription English translation
tyt mgys wgu ee$ ene tani tsag uu? is this your watch?
wgu tsag watch
ee$ uu? [question particle]
utjtltt eymjgg! gerelee untraa! put out/switch off the light!
utjtltt gvgg! gerelee asaa! put on/switch on the light!
utjtl gerel light
mgys tani formal



In Cyrillic script  roman transcription English translation
dejhgy fjiff demsy xnytt vghgl ejug burkhan orshoo butin chinee sakhal urga God bless you and may your moustache grow like brushwood (when someone sneezes)
beejgy; mkulkkb helugy; ohtl

Muurand togloom, hulgand ukhel.

What is a joke for a cat will be death for a mouse.




In Cyrillic script  roman transcription English translation
> Vkyny (vgahgy) /o dgayg$ > Sonin (saikhan) you baina? > What�s new?
< (Kyw) /buoa < (Onts) youmgui taivan < Nothing particular.
< (vgahgy) dgayg < Taivan  (saikhan) baina. < It is peaceful.


In short:

> /o dgayg$ You bain? > What is?
< ?buoa.. Youmgui. < Nothing.



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