Monasteries and temples in Mongolia

Baldan Baraivan

A remote monastery in the Khentii province once was one of the three largest monastery and home to 1500 lamas. It was heavily damaged by the communist in 1930s and a fire in the 1970s. Now one lama lives there with his family, but on special occasions like the Mani Buteel festival, lamas from Ulaanbaatar and surrounding places like Ömnödelger come to support.

Since 1998 the Cultural Restoration Tourist Project is restoring the main temple. Volunteer tourists and a local crew combine forces to make Baldan Baraivan a lively place of worship again and so give back some of Mongolia's cultural heritage.


The Cultural Restauration Tourism Project enables you to join restoring one of the most important monasteries of Mongolia. 

Mani Buteel Festival 

at Baldan Baraivan

A small festival at this monastery in the Hentii aimag

Mother rock ritual

A ceremony of rebirth at Baldan Baraivan 

Baldan  Baraivan before the communist purges

Pictures of the active monastery before 1937 



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