Guide Books on Mongolia

Bradt Mongolia Guide Book Blunden, Jane
Mongolia: The Bradt Travel Guide
2004 Bradt Travel Guides, Chalftont St. Peter (UK)
ISBN 1898323941

The Bradt Travel Guide is a very informative guide on Mongolia from someone with in-depth knowledge about the country. Only the Ulaanbaatar section is a bit outdated already.

Lonely Planet Guide Book Mongolia Mayhew, Bradley
Lonely Planet: Mongolia (3rd Edition)
2001 Lonely Planet, Hawthorn (Australia)
ISBN 1864500646

It was the first guide book on Mongolia, but is having problems keeping it up-to-date. Hardly any restaurant is still in the same place. But then Mongolia just changes too fast. And the Lonely Planet still has the most practical information.
Mongolia: Empire of the Steppes Sermier, Claire
Mongolia: Empire of the Steppes (Odyssey Illustrated Guides)
2002 Airphoto International, Hong Kong
ISBN 9622176895

Relatively new guide with nice images and some good background stories.

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